How to install the AiM MX UTV on a Can-AM Maverick X3

The AiM MX UTV is an incredible dash in terms of capabilities, especially considering the price. This unit allows you to data log various parameters coming from the CAN bus as well as display various important performance metrics (like RPM, Speed, water temp, lateral G force and more). It also has an input for a belt temp sensor (included) as well as can utilize any of the AiM CAN expansion capabilities like the SmartyCAM, etc. It’s a feature packed unit.

If you are considering installing one into your CanAM X3, here is a quick guide to getting it rocking.


The AiM MX UTV allows for display and data logging of the following sensors:

  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Gear
  • ECT
  • TPS
  • BrakeSW
  • Instant fuel consumed
  • Boost pressure
  • Intake Air Temp

Getting an AiM MX UTV

The AiM MX UTV is available from any AiM authorized dealer. We are in Austin, TX so our local dealer is Winding Road Racing. If you want to get one online, Pegasus is an awesome source, and you can get the kit with Can-Am cable all at once.


For documentation most of the AiM sites don’t have the documentation easily accessible, so I have v1.00 here.


For this install we will need:

  • AiM MX UTV dash
  • AiM Can-AM CAN BUS cable.
  • (4) 4mm x 10mm hex screws
  • (1) Cheap knock off tablet pod (

And you will need these tools:

  • Drill with drill bits and phillips bit
  • Hex keys
  • Fingers, pencil and accurate ruler
  • Zip ties
  • Utility knife


For this install we used a knock off tablet mounting pod. This is a replica of the factory part, but because we are going to hack it up anyway, we went with a cheaper knock off.

First we take the top slider off the pod, and remove the center bolt. It’s attached with some tape from the front side. Just peel it off and push it out.

Next we mark the face of the pod with the mounting holes for the dash based on the dimensions outlined on the AiM documentation. I found that if you mark the top holes 1/2 way between the top opening and the triangular marking things fit perfect (see image). Drill these holes with a 1/8” drill bit.

Then we mark the 3 holes for the binder connectors to push through. One will be directly center (where the square opening is now). Drill these holes with a 5/8” drill bit. If these holes aren’t perfect, don’t sweat it, it’s hard to get them exactly perfect because the plastic bezel is tricky to drill. This is why we purchased a cheap knock off! You can further trim with a sharp utility blade to clean things up if needed.


Now, mount the dash with 4mm x 10mm hex bolts. I purchased them in bulk from McMaster Carr. They don’t come with the dash. If you need to widen the holes a bit go ahead, there is no shame!


Before we mount up the pod, we need to remove the lighter socket. Use a flat blade screwdriver and gently pry it off, then remove the connector. The connector can be safely tucked into the holder near the CAN port (it’s 12v power so don’t just let it hang there!). Run the CAN cable from the CAN connector (see picture) through the 12v lighter socket. The CAN connector is the obvious gray mating connector for the Can-Am specific cable provided, there is only one and it goes on only one way. Route the other end of the cables for the belt temp sensor and the aux connection (if used). In our case we are also installing the SmartyCAM so we have three cables vs two.


Now you can mount the pod. It likely hasn’t come with any instructions, but it’s pretty obvious how it mounts up. Screw it into the car. Now open the pod door and screw in the CAN connector, belt temp and the expansion if you are using it. Close the door!



We already connected the CAN bus connector, this provides the signal from the ECU and power/ground - so that part is done. We just need to wire up the belt temp sensor. Route the cable through the center tunnel out the back of the car. I found that taping the connector to a 24” dowel helped me push it trough the opening. Grab the connector and route it out towards the clutch cover.

I typically drill a hole in the clutch cover just because this type of install is easier. I believe the readings are good and accurate at this location. Drill a hole in the cover big enough to put the bezel into. Slip the bezel on the outside and thread in the sensor, tighten the locknut on the inside. Replace the cover and connect the binder to the extension cable. Zip tie it all up and out of the way.


If you are using an accessory like the SmartyCAM, route this extension cable as well. Zip tie everything nicely along the tunnel and up int the dash.



Lastly we need to configure the dash to use the Can-Am specific CAN protocol to speak to the ECU. Select the MENU/<< button, then Vehicle Setup, and select CAN-AM turbo. The system will restart and you are ready!

Again, check out the documentation here to start using the AiM MX UTV